Cable Drop Out Plate

Cable Drop Out Plate

Product Overview
◆ Features:
– Product code: CGD – Cable Guider (Wire mesh cable tray accessories)

A cable drop out plate is an accessory for wire mesh trays used in electrical installations to provide a secure and organized pathway for cables and wires. The drop out plate is a specially designed plate that is installed on the wire mesh tray, providing an opening for cables to exit the tray and drop down to the lower level of the installation. The plate helps to prevent the cables from becoming tangled or damaged and provides a neat and organized appearance for the installation.

The cable tray guider is used in conjunction with wire mesh tray in order to help disperse cables neatly. The stand features bendable points that helps ensure the tray will not move when installed. In addition, the cable guider can be placed horizontally or vertically to distribute cables through the side or the middle of the tray.

Apply to: run cables out of cable tray.
Fit for: wire diameter of basket tray from 3.5mm to 6.0mm, width of trays not less than 150mm.
Include: Unit×1 
Feature: protect cables, convenient.

  • Cable tray guider for wire mesh tray
  • Allow cables to be dispersed evenly and neatly
  • Cables can be dispersed through the side or middle of the tray
  • Bendable points to securely hold down wire tray
  • Quick and easy installation

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