Cable Saddle

Cable Saddle

In the context of lightning protection and grounding systems, a cable saddle refers to a specific type of fitting used to support and secure cables that are part of the system.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385
  • Material: Brass/ Aluminum

Product Details

A cable saddle, is typically made of a durable and electrically conductive material, such as brass or aluminum. It is designed to securely hold and support the cables that are part of the lightning protection and grounding system. The saddle is usually designed with curved or grooved surfaces that conform to the shape of the cables, providing a stable and secure grip. The cable saddle plays a crucial role in ensuring the proper installation and function of the lightning protection and grounding system. It helps to organize and route the cables effectively, preventing them from sagging or coming into contact with other components or surfaces. By securely holding the cables in place, the cable saddle ensures that they maintain proper electrical continuity and conductivity throughout the system.

Additionally, the cable saddle helps to prevent tension or stress on the cables, which could lead to mechanical damage or compromised electrical performance. It provides support at strategic locations along the cable route, ensuring that the cables are properly supported and protected.

Reference and Packing
CVL® Caple Saddle 
Product code
Thread size
Caple Size
5/8 “
35 – 70
3/4 ”
35 – 70

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