Cable Tape – Test Connector

Cable - Tape Test Connector

A cable tape test connector used in lightning protection and grounding systems is a specialized connector used to connect copper stranded with copper tape conductor in these systems for testing purposes.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385

  • Material: Brass / Aluminum

Product Details

The cable tape test connector typically has two terminals or clamps that securely grip the ends of the bare tape conductor. These terminals are designed to provide a low-resistance connection, ensuring accurate testing results. With the tape conductors connected using the test connector, various tests such as continuity tests or resistance measurements can be performed to ensure the proper functioning of the lightning protection and grounding system. It helps ensure the system’s integrity, allowing for proper maintenance and verification of the lightning protection and grounding system’s effectiveness in protecting structures and equipment from lightning-related hazards.

Reference and Packing

CVL® Cable – Tape Test Connector
Product code
Conductor Range
Conductor Size
25 x 3
25 x 3
25 x 3

(***) The detailed product code will depend on the price list.

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