Cable Tray Cabinet Top Stand

Cable Tray Cabinet Top Stand

Product Overview
◆ Features:
– Product code: : BFS – Cabinet Top Stand (Wire mesh cable tray fittings)
– Quest offers cable tray accessories that allow mounting on top of enclosures, and that stand under the floor.

• For mounting cable tray directly to cabinet top or floor

• Requires Mounting Anchor Bolts

• Sturdy design for heavy load weights • Professional Electro-Plated Zinc Finish

• For custom configurations of cable tray wire management installations

◆ Application:
– A Cable Tray Cabinet Top Stand is a support structure used to elevate cable tray cabinets and protect the cables and wires they contain. The cabinet top stand is designed to be mounted directly onto the floor, and the cable tray cabinet is then attached to the top of the stand. This raises the cabinet off the ground, providing clearance for cables and wires and reducing the risk of damage or interference from foot traffic, equipment, or other objects. Customers can request specific height and width dimensions.

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