Cable Tray Ceiling Flag Bracket

Cable Tray Ceiling Flag Bracket

Product Overview
◆ Features:
– Product code: : FHB – Flag Type Hanging Bracket (Wire mesh cable tray fittings)

This flag ceiling bracket apparatus will help you secure your cables and wires . Made by Quest Manufacturing, this add on accessory is durable and reliable, and will hold the wire mesh safely, so you can place cables&wires in. 

  • Design Shape This bracket attachment is designed with a perpendicular arm to hold the wire mesh tray securely for maximum safety, while the vertical arm can be safely attached to the ceiling for strong suspension.
  • Strong support This shape is sturdy and able to support the weight of heavy, numerous cables in the mesh.
  • Professional Appearance The brackets are plated with electro-plated zinc for a professional finish, making sure the presentation of your cables & wires matches your office or floor aesthetic.

◆ Application:
— A cable tray ceiling flag bracket is used to support and anchor cable tray to the ceiling structure in a suspended
ceiling installation. These brackets are designed to be attached to the bottom of the cable tray and then fastened to the ceiling structure using bolts, screws, or other mounting hardware.
– The bracket is designed to provide secure and stable support for the cable tray, ensuring that it remains in position and does not move or shift over time. 

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