Cable Tray Ceiling Hanging Bar

Cable Tray Ceiling Hanging Bar

Product Overview
◆ Features:
– Product code: BR – (Wire mesh cable tray accessories)

The cable tray ceiling hanging bar is used in conjunction with wire mesh tray in order to securely hold and hang wire trays under the ceiling. The bar features bendable points that helps ensure the tray will not move when installed.


Hangs wire mesh tray under ceiling
Slide under mesh cable tray
Bendable points to securely hold down wire tray
Quick and easy installation

A cable tray ceiling hanging bar is used to suspend cable trays from the ceiling in an organized and secure manner. Cable trays are used to support and route electrical cables, and are often mounted overhead for spacesaving and accessibility reasons. The ceiling hanging bar attaches to the ceiling structure using threaded rods, bolts, or other fastening methods, and provides a sturdy anchor point for the cable trays. The cable trays are typically attached to the hanging bar using clamps or other fasteners, and can be easily removed or repositioned as needed.

Apply to: hang trays under ceiling.
Fit for: wire diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm.
Include: 1 unit, (thread rods and nuts are optional).
Feature: common and convenient.

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