Cable Tray Divider

Cable Tray Divider

Product Overview
◆ Features:
– Product code: DVR (Wire mesh cable tray accessories)

The cable ladder divider is a component of an electrical wire mesh tray that is used to separate and organize cables within the tray. The divider is typically made of metal and is designed to fit securely into the slots of
the cable ladder, creating separate compartments for different cables. The use of dividers is particularly important in applications where there are multiple cables of different types or sizes, as it helps to prevent tangling and promotes better cable management. The cable ladder divider is commonly used in commercial, industrial, and residential settings to organize and protect electrical cables.

The divider tray is used in conjunction with wire mesh tray in order to separate cables into two columns. The divider features bendable points that helps ensure the tray will not move when installed.

Apply to: divide power cables and data cables for good EMC.
Fit for: wire diameter from 3.5mm to 6.0mm, all width of trays.
Include: Unit×1.
Feature: DVR50/100/150 for cable tray height of 50mm/100mm/150mm.

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