Conduit Bending Machine for JIS C 8305/BS 4568

Conduit Bending Machine for JIS C 8305/BS 4568

A conduit bending machine is a specialized tool used in electrical installations to bend metal conduit, such as JIS C 8305 or BS 4568 conduit, into specific angles and shapes.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Bending steel conduit gently and easily, saving time and money, and applied in many construction projects.
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Product Details

It is equipped with various features and components to accurately and efficiently bend the conduit to the desired angle or shape. The bending machine typically consists of a sturdy frame or platform on which the conduit is placed. It has specialized bending dies or shoes that match the diameter and specifications of the JIS C 8305 or BS 4568 conduit. These dies are interchangeable, allowing for different bending angles and shapes.

To operate the conduit bending machine, the conduit is inserted into the bending dies, and the operator applies force using hydraulic, mechanical, or manual methods. This force gradually bends the conduit to the desired angle or shape as per the requirements of the electrical installation. Using a conduit bending machine offers several advantages. It ensures precise and accurate bending, allowing for consistent and professional-looking conduit installations. It also helps to reduce the risk of conduit damage or deformation during the bending process. Additionally, it improves efficiency and productivity, as it enables quick and precise bending of multiple conduits.

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Conduit Bending Machine CVL®

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Size of JIS C 8305/BS31/BS4568 Conduit (mm)


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