Conduit Locknut (Zinc)

Conduit Locknut (Zinc)

A conduit locknut (zinc) is a type of fitting used in electrical installations to secure and fasten conduit fittings, such as connectors or couplings, to the threaded end of a conduit.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: JIS C 8330 (Japan)
  • Material: Antimon (Zinc)
hướng dẫn lắp đặt đai nối

Product Details

The locknut is designed to be tightened onto the threaded end of the conduit or onto another conduit fitting using a wrench or pliers. The purpose of a conduit locknut is to prevent the conduit fitting from becoming loose or detached from the junction box or enclosure. It creates a secure and stable connection, ensuring that the conduit and the attached electrical wires remain in place and properly protected. The locknut helps to maintain the integrity of the electrical installation and reduces the risk of electrical hazards due to loose or disconnected fittings.

In addition to securing conduit fittings, the locknut also provides a degree of strain relief by reducing the tension or stress on the conduit where it is connected to the fittings. This helps to protect the electrical wiring inside the conduit and prevent damage or disconnection due to movement or vibration.

Reference and Packing

Conduit Locknut CVL®

Certified conforming to JIS C 8330 by Quatest No.3

Using for

 IMC – UL1242 (USA)

(*) RSC – UL 6 (USA)

Size (inch)

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1 1/4


1 1/2




2 1/2




3 1/2







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