DC Tape Clip

DC Tape Clip

A DC tape clip, also known as a tape clamp, is a component used in lightning protection and grounding systems to secure and connect down conductor tapes or cables to structural elements, such as building roofs, walls, or grounding electrodes.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385

  • Material: Brass / Aluminum

Product Details

In lightning protection systems, conductor tapes or cables are installed to provide a low-resistance path for lightning currents to safely flow from the lightning protection system to the grounding system. These tapes or cables are typically made of copper or aluminum and are designed to withstand high currents and provide a low-impedance path. DC tape clips are specifically designed to securely hold and clamp the conductor tape or cable to the structure or grounding electrode. They are typically made of corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel or copper alloy, to ensure long-term durability and electrical conductivity.

The tape clip is attached to the structure or grounding electrode using screws, bolts, or other fastening methods. It features a design that allows for the insertion of the down conductor tape or cable and provides a strong mechanical and electrical connection. The tape clip’s design ensures that the down conductor tape or cable is securely held in place while maintaining electrical continuity. The use of DC tape clips in lightning protection and grounding systems is crucial to ensure the effective dissipation of lightning currents and provide a safe path for electrical energy.

Reference and Packing

CVL® Aluminum / Copper Tape Support – 2 Screwed
Product code
(Copper Clip)
Product code
(Aluminum Clip)
Size (A x B)
25 x 3
30 x 5

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