EMT Set Screw Couplings (Zinc)

EMT Set Screw Couplings (Zinc)

An EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) set screw coupling is a type of fitting used in electrical installations to connect two sections of EMT conduit together.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: JIS C 8330 / UL 514B / ANSI / NEMA FB 1
  • Material: Zinc

Product Details

The set screw coupling is specifically designed for use with EMT conduit and provides a secure connection between two lengths of conduit. Once the conduits are inserted into the coupling, set screws are tightened to securely hold the conduits in place. This ensures a strong and reliable connection, maintaining the continuity of the conduit system and providing mechanical protection for the enclosed electrical wiring.EMT set screw couplings made of zinc provide a cost-effective and reliable solution for joining EMT conduits in electrical installations.

Reference and Packing

EMT Set Screw Couplings CVL®

Certified conforming to JIS C 8330 by Quatest No.3

Using for EMT Steel Conduit

UL 797 (USA)

Size (inch)

Product Code (***)








1 1/4


1 1/2



(***) Hot dip galvanizing product code = Electro Galvanized steel product code + NN

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