Inspection Screwed Tee

Inspection Screwed Tee

An inspection screwed tee is a type of fitting used in electrical installations to create a T-shaped junction in a conduit run while also providing an access point for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Material: Aluminum alloy

Product Details

In electrical installations, conduits are used to protect and route electrical wiring from one location to another. An inspection screwed tee is typically made of metal, such as steel or aluminum, and has three openings, two of which are parallel and one perpendicular.

The inspection screwed tee is installed by screwing it into ends of conduit sections. The perpendicular opening is used to connect the main conduit run, while the two parallel openings allow for the attachment of additional conduits or fittings. The tee also includes a removable cover that provides access to the wiring inside for inspection, maintenance, or troubleshooting purposes.

Reference and Packing

Inspection Screwed Tee CVL®

Using for 

JIS C 8305 Type E (Japan)

Using for

EMT – UL 797 (USA)

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Product Code

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