Iron Conduit Bender

Iron Conduit Bender

An iron conduit bender is a tool specifically designed for bending rigid metal conduit, such as galvanized iron (GI) or steel conduit, in electrical installations. It is used to create precise bends in the conduit to navigate around obstacles, make turns, or follow a specific path as required by the electrical wiring layout.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Material: Steel
  • Small, convenient, and easy to move.
  • Suitable for bending IMC steel conduit.
  • Overcoming the weakness of easy breakage of bending tools made of aluminum alloy.

Product Details

dụng cụ bẻ ống thép luồn dây điện G.I bằng thép CVL

Standard Conduit Bender Set includes:

  • Pipe bender handle
  • Conduit bender tool
  • Springs – Used to insert into the conduit, helps prevent the conduit from denting during bending.
The iron conduit bender typically consists of a sturdy frame with a curved head that matches the desired bend radius. The head of the bender has markings or degree indicators to ensure accurate bending angles. To use an iron conduit bender, the rigid metal conduit is inserted into the bender’s head, aligning it with the desired bending angle. The handles or levers are then used to apply gradual pressure, bending the conduit to the desired angle. The degree indicators on the bender help ensure that the bend meets the required specifications. Iron conduit benders come in different sizes to accommodate various conduit diameters and bending requirements.

Reference and Packing

Iron Conduit Bender CVL®
Using for EMT Conduit
Product Code
Size (inch)
Using for IMC Conduit
Product Code
Size (inch)


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