Liquid Tight Flexible Connector for IMC/RSC Steel Conduit

Liquid Tight Flexible Connector for IMC/RSC Steel Conduit

Liquid-Tight Flexible Connector & IMC/RSC Steel Conduit is a type of electrical conduit fitting used to connect a liquid-tight flexible conduit to IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit) or RSC (Rigid Steel Conduit) steel conduit.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: UL 514B / ANSI / NEMA FB 1
  • Material: Steel, Stainless steel SUS304

Product Details

A liquid-tight flexible connector is a specialized fitting designed to provide a watertight and flexible connection between a conduit and electrical equipment or another conduit.

Fitting allows for a transition from a liquid-tight flexible conduit, which offers flexibility and moisture resistance, to a rigid IMC or RSC steel conduit. It ensures a secure and watertight connection between the two, providing protection for the electrical wiring while allowing for flexibility or routing requirements.

Reference and Packing

Liquid Tight Flexible Connector for IMC/RSC

Steel Conduit  CVL®

Using for
IMC – UL1242 (USA)
(*)RSC – UL6 (USA)

Size (inch)

Product Code

(*) ADNCC12


(*) ADNCC34


(*) ADNCC100


(*) ADNCC114

1 1/4

(*) ADNCC112

1 1/2

(*) ADNCC200


(*) ADNCC212

2 1/2

(*) ADNCC300


(*) ADNCC400


(*) The product code used for RSC steel conduit fitting is changed from “A” to “R”.

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