Set Screw Connector for JIS Type E Conduit (Zinc)

Set Screw Connector for JIS Type E conduit - Zinc

A set screw connector for JIS Type E conduit is a type of fitting used to connect JIS Type E steel conduit to a junction box in an electrical installation.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: JIS C8330 / UL 514B / ANSI / NEMA FB 1
  • Material: Zinc

Product Details

This type of set screw connector is typically made of zinc. It is specifically designed to create a secure and reliable connection between the conduit and the junction box.t typically has a threaded male end that screws into the threaded female end of the JIS Type E conduit. The other end of the connector is designed to fit into a knockout hole in the junction box, and it is secured in place using set screws or other fastening mechanisms.

The set screw connector ensures a tight and reliable connection between the JIS Type E conduit and the junction box, maintaining the integrity of the electrical installation. It provides mechanical support, grounding continuity, and a secure pathway for the wiring from the conduit to the junction box.

Zinc connectors are often more cost-effective compared to steel connectors, making them a popular choice for various electrical installations. It’s important to note that the specific properties and characteristics of set screw connectors can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific product specifications.

Reference and Packing

Set Screw Connector for JIS Type E conduit CVL®
Certified conforming to JIS C 8330 by Quatest No.3
Using for Jis C 8305 Type E
Size (mm)
Product Code (***)
(***) Hot dip galvanizing product code = Electro Galvanized steel product code + NN

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