Tape Test Connector

Tape Test Connector

A tape test connector is a type of connector used to connect the bare tape of a lightning protection system to the grounding system.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385

  • Material: Brass / Aluminum

Product Details

A tape test connector is specifically designed to securely connect the bare tape used in the lightning protection system to the grounding system. It provides an electrical connection, ensuring that the lightning current can flow through the tape and into the grounding system effectively. The connector typically consists of a clamp or compression mechanism that securely holds the bare tape in place, along with a terminal or stud that allows for easy connection to the grounding electrode or conductor.

Reference and Packing

CVL® Tape Test Connector
Product code
Copper Bar Connection Clamp
Product code
Aluminum Bar Connector Clamp
Conductor Size  (mm)
26 x 8

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