Three-Piece Couplings for IMC /RSC Conduit

Three-Piece Couplings for IMC /RSC Conduit

A three-piece coupling for IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit) and RSC (Rigid Steel Conduit) is a type of conduit fitting used to connect two sections of IMC or RSC conduit together.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: UL 514B
  • Material: Zinc die cast, Steel, Hot dip galvanized steel

Product Details

This type of coupling consists of three main components:

  1. Outer Sleeve: The outer sleeve is a cylindrical metal piece with threaded ends. It acts as a sleeve that covers the joint between the two sections of conduit, providing protection and structural support.
  2. Inner Sleeve: The inner sleeve is a smaller cylindrical metal piece with threaded ends that fits inside the outer sleeve. It is used to join the two sections of conduit together. The inner sleeve is typically inserted into the ends of the conduit sections and tightened with a wrench.
  3. Set Screws: The set screws are small screws that are inserted through holes in the outer sleeve and tightened against the inner sleeve. They provide additional stability and secure the inner sleeve inside the outer sleeve, ensuring a tight and secure connection between the conduit sections.

The three-piece coupling provides a durable and robust connection between IMC or RSC conduits, ensuring proper alignment, support, and protection for the electrical wiring. It allows for easy installation and maintenance of the conduit system while maintaining the necessary mechanical and electrical continuity.

Reference and Packing

Three – Piece Couplings for IMC /RSC Conduit CVL®
Using for IMC – UL1242 (USA)
(*) Using for RSC – UL6 (USA)
Using for BS 31/ BS 4568 (England)
Product Code
Size (inch)
Product Code
Size (mm) (**)
(*) AUCC12
(*) AUCC34
(*) AUCC100
(*) AUCC114
1 1/4
(*) AUCC112
1 1/2
(*) AUCC200
(*) AUCC212
2 1/2
(*) AUCC300
(*) AUCC400
(*) The product code used for RSC steel conduit fitting is changed from “A” to “R”.
(**) Using for BS 31: Size of conduit is 19mm.
       Using for BS 4568: Size of conduit is 20mm.
(***) Hot dip galvanizing product code = Electro Galvanized steel product code + NN.

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