Water – Tight Hub for IMC/ RSC/ BS4568 Conduit

Water - Tight Hub for IMC/ RSC/ BS4568 Conduit

A water-tight hub for IMC (Intermediate Metal Conduit), RSC (Rigid Steel Conduit), or BS4568 conduit is a type of fitting used to provide a watertight connection between the conduit and an enclosure or junction box.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: UL 514B
  • Material: Zinc, Hot dip galvanized steel

Product Details

A water-tight hub is specifically designed to ensure that the connection between the conduit and the enclosure or junction box is sealed and resistant to the ingress of water or moisture.

The water-tight hub typically consists of a threaded male end that screws into the threaded female opening of the enclosure or junction box. It may have additional sealing components such as gaskets to provide an extra layer of waterproofing. The other end of the hub provides a connection point for the IMC, RSC, or BS4568 conduit. By using rigid conduit nipples, installers can easily and securely connect IMC or RSC conduits together, allowing for a continuous conduit run and providing protection and routing for electrical wiring in an installation.

By using a water-tight hub, the electrical installation is protected from water damage and the associated risks, such as short circuits or electrical hazards caused by moisture exposure. It helps maintain the integrity of the conduit system and ensures that the electrical wiring remains safe and functional, even in wet or damp environments.

Reference and Packing

Water – Tight Hub for IMC/ RSC/ BS4568 Conduit CVL®

Using for IMC/ RSC Conduit 

Using for BS 4568 Steel Conduit

Product Code

Size (inch)

Product Code

Size (mm)

(*) ADIMCK12




(*) ADIMCK34




(*) ADIMCK100




(*) ADIMCK114

1 1/4

(*) ADIMCK112

1 1/2

(*) ADIMCK200


(*) ADIMCK212

2 1/2

(*) ADIMCK300


(*) ADIMCK400


(*) The product code used for RSC steel conduit fitting is changed from “A” to “R”.
(***) Hot dip galvanizing product code = Electro Galvanized steel product code + NN.

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