Adjustable Saddle For Cable

Adjustable Saddle For Cable

An Adjustable Saddle for Cable used in lightning protection and grounding systems is a specialized component designed to secure and support cables used in these systems.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385
  • Material: Brass

Product Details

An adjustable saddle for cable is specifically designed to securely hold and support these cables in place. It typically consists of a base or mounting plate with adjustable clamps or brackets that can be tightened around the cable to secure it in position. The saddle allows for easy adjustment and positioning of the cable to ensure proper alignment and tension.

The primary purpose of the adjustable saddle for cable in lightning protection and grounding systems is to provide mechanical support and strain relief for the cables. By securely holding the cables in place, it helps to prevent excessive movement, sagging, or strain on the cables, which could potentially compromise their performance or safety.

Reference and Packing

Adjustable Saddle for Cable CVL®
Product code
Thread size (Inch)
Cable Size (mm2)
5/8 “
50 – 70
3/4 “
50 – 70

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