Copper Bonded Ground Rod

Copper Bonded Ground Rod

A copper-bonded ground rod is a type of grounding electrode used in lightning protection and grounding systems. It is designed to provide a low-impedance path for the dissipation of electrical energy into the ground.

Product Details​​

Product certified to IEC 62561 standard

Product Overview

  • Standard: UL 467 / IEC 62561 / TCVN 9385

  • Material: Copper bonded steel, Copper
>> Free Download IEC 62561 Standard for Lightning Protection System (PDF)

Product Details

A copper-bonded ground rod consists of a steel core that is coated with a layer of high-quality copper. The copper bonding provides several benefits. Firstly, copper has excellent electrical conductivity, allowing for efficient dissipation of electrical energy into the ground. Secondly, the copper cladding helps to protect the steel core from corrosion, ensuring the long-term integrity and performance of the ground rod.

In a lightning protection and grounding system, copper-bonded ground rods are typically driven vertically into the ground at strategic locations around a structure. They are connected to the grounding system using appropriate conductors, such as copper or aluminum wires, to create a low-resistance path to earth. During a lightning strike or electrical fault, the copper-bonded ground rod helps to direct and dissipate the electrical energy safely into the ground, minimizing the risk of damage to the structure and electrical equipment.

Overall, the use of copper-bonded ground rods in lightning protection and grounding systems plays a crucial role in protecting structures and electrical systems from the effects of electrical faults, promoting safety and reliability.

Reference and Packing

 Copper Bonded Ground Rod CVL®
Product Code
 Outside Diamater
(mm) (inch)
 Nominal Outside Diamater
14.2 (5/8″)
17.2 (3/4″)
(***) The detailed product code will depend on the price list.

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