Mount The Weatherproof Box

● For wood and hardboard siding, simply drive galvanized deck screws through the mounting lugs. For brick or stucco siding, mount the box with masonry anchors.

● Fasten plugs into the unused openings of the weatherproof box and seal the openings with sealing components. Make a weep hole at the bottom edge of the box. This allows any water that gets into the box to drain.

● Next, strip insulation off the wire ends.

● Attach the ground wire to the green screw in the box and to the green screw on the GFCI outlet.

● Clip the ears off the outlet, fold the wires into the box and set the outlet in place.

Mount and Wire the New Outlet

Mount The Weatherproof Cover

● Set the base on the box, over the outlet.

● Fasten the base to the box with the screws that came with the kit.

● Attach the cover to the base.

● Push the hinge receptacles sideways over the hinges until they snap in place.

● Remove the cord knockouts in the base where the electrical cords will run.

● Turn the power on and plug in ights!

Mount the Weatherproof Electrical Outlet Box Cover

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