Multi Point Air Rod

Multi Point Air Rod

A multi-point air rod, also known as a multi-point lightning rod or multi-point air terminal, is a component used in lightning protection and grounding systems to minimize the risk of lightning strikes and safely conduct the resulting electrical current to the ground.

Product Details​​

Product Overview

  • Standard: TCVN 9385 : 2012/ ASTM E 415 – 14
  • Material: Copper 

Product Details

The purpose of the multi-point air rod is to increase the likelihood of lightning strike interception by providing multiple paths for the lightning current to follow. By having multiple points, the air rod increases the chances of attracting and intercepting a lightning strike compared to a single-point rod. When a lightning strike occurs, the multi-point air rod acts as the preferred path for the lightning current to flow. It captures the electrical energy of the lightning discharge and safely conducts it down through a down conductor or grounding system to the ground. The grounding system disperses the electrical energy into the earth, where it is harmlessly dissipated.

The use of a multi-point air rod in a lightning protection and grounding system helps to minimize the risk of damage caused by lightning strikes. By providing multiple interception points, it increases the effectiveness of the lightning protection system, reducing the chances of a direct lightning strike to the protected structure or equipment.

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Multi Point Air Rod CVL®
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