A conduit body is designed to provide pulling access in a run of conduit and split a conduit path into multiple directions.

Conduit bodies are commonly referred to as condulets, a term trademarked by Cooper Crouse-Hinds company.

Conduit body types:

◆ L-shaped bodies include the LB, LL, and LR, where the inlet is in line with the cover and the outlet is on the back, left and right, respectively. “L” fittings allow a 90 degree turn in conduit where there is not enough space for a full-radius curved conduit section.

◆ T-shaped bodies feature an inlet in line with the cover and outlets to both the cover’s left and right.

◆ C-shaped bodies feature an inlet and an outlet in line with the cover at each end, and are used to pull conductors in a straight runs as they make no turn between inlet and outlet.

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