Why Use Steel Conduit

Most Universal

As buildings get more complex, the National Electric Code® (NFPA 70) places more restrictions on more wiring methods — but steel conduit is still allowed everywhere. That’s because it provides the best protection in every location. Building owners across applications depend on steel because it:

◆ Protects against impact at all temperatures

◆ Demonstrates durability and the highest yield / tensile strengths

◆ Offers exceptional fire resistance

◆ Provides electrical path to ground

◆ Reduces EMF by up to 95% at power frequencies

◆ Has a compatible coefficient of expansion with most construction materials

Most Resilient and Sustainable

Long-lasting and highly recyclable, steel conduit demonstrates the greatest resiliency and is the most sustainable raceway option.

Most Flexible and Affordable

As buildings change and expand over time, other wiring solutions have to be removed and reinstalled — but steel conduit can be reused again and again. It might cost more upfront, but steel conduit delivers significant savings over time.

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