Liquid Tight Flexible Connector

Liquid Tight Flexible Connector

A liquid tight flexible connector is a type of fitting used in electrical installations to connect a flexible conduit, such as liquid tight flexible conduit, to a junction box, electrical box, or other electrical equipment.

Product Details​

Product Overview

  • Standard: JIS C 8350 (Japan)
  • Material: Hot dip galvanized steel

Product Details

The liquid tight flexible connector has a threaded end that is used to attach to the equipment, and a compression fitting that is used to secure the flexible conduit in place.

Liquid tight flexible connectors are commonly used in outdoor or industrial applications where the conduit may be exposed to moisture, dust, or other environmental factors. They are designed to provide a reliable and durable seal to protect the electrical wiring inside the conduit from exposure to water or other environmental factors.

Reference and Packing

Liquid Tight Flexible Connector CVL®
Certified conforming to JIS C 8350 by Quatest No.3
Product Code(***)
Size (mm)
 (***) Hot dip galvanizing product code = Electro Galvanized steel product code + NN

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