Brass Round Coupling

Brass Round Coupling

A brass round coupling used in lightning protection and grounding systems is a type of fitting used to join and connect two copper or brass conductors in the system.

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  • Standard: TCVN 9385

  • Material: Brass, Copper bonded steel

Product Details

In lightning protection and grounding systems, copper or brass conductors are used to provide a low-resistance path for electrical currents, diverting them safely into the ground to prevent damage to structures and equipment. A brass round coupling is specifically designed to connect two conductors together, allowing for the continuation of the conductive path.

The brass round coupling is typically made of brass, a material known for its excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. It has a cylindrical shape with internal threads on both ends, allowing for the secure attachment of conductors. The coupling is often used in conjunction with other fittings, such as clamps or connectors, to create a reliable and continuous grounding or lightning protection system. The coupling is used by inserting the ends of the conductors into each end of the coupling and securing them tightly using appropriate tools, such as wrenches or pliers. This creates a mechanical and electrical connection between the conductors, ensuring continuity and conductivity in the system.

In lightning protection and grounding systems, the use of a brass round coupling ensures a reliable and durable connection between conductors, promoting efficient dissipation of electrical currents and providing effective grounding or lightning protection. The brass material offers good electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion, making it suitable for outdoor and exposed applications.

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CVL® Brass Round Coupling
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